June 06 2009

Hello! :D
We are happy to let you know that our Sims3 game arrived yesterday!
We had no time to play it yet to know all features
and new things but we will do it as far as we
have a free time.

We are very excited to start to create custom content for the game but
we should wait to learn how to do it.
The tool for create sims3 custom content is being developed, so all we can
do for now is wait and wish all luck to its developers :)

Have a Nice day & Stay Tuned!
SIMcredible Staff


SIMcredible was invited by EA Games
to be part of The Sims3 Creator's Camp :)

~Roxanne, the SIMcredible's painter,
represented our site in this special event
Here you will know what happened there...

Wanna see more shots? Click here!

Creator's Camp - Day 5

Our last day was rather rushed, we were pulled off the machines a couple of hours earlier
than normal as there were other things planned for the last day.

I had not actually played the game in live mode yet, only 'Create A Sim' and 'Build Buy' mode
I chose to spend my last day actually playing the game.
I played the one Sim I had created, Amber June, she went fishing in her pond first,
the water in game looks fantastic.
From the early release picture and movies I did not think
I would like the new water, but I love it! I think you will too.
Fish can be seen jumping and you can also fish in the ocean.
You can see fish jumping and even things that looked like
whales swimming around in the ocean.

Then Amber went inside her brand new kitchen and as she had no cooking skills
promptly set her kitchen on fire, so she was reduced to ordering pizza.
After a quick shower and eating her pizza off to town she went,
first stop was an art gallery where she met a little boy Sim
who she chatted up, one interaction I loved
w 'make a silly face' it was just too cute!
As Amber had a lot of money (thank goodness motherlode cheat still works)
she paid to be a full partner of the hospital owners.

Amber stayed in town late, checking out the different places.
The lighting in the game changes throughout the day,
brightest being at high noon.
The sun looks great but the stars at night and
the moon in the sky was just fantastic!
I love what they have done with that.

One option I really love about TS3 is that you can save
the game from any where your Sim is,
no longer do you have to wait through the process of sending your Sim home to save.

Sunset Valley has a lot of locations to visit but
no stores yet, can we all say Expansion Packs?

Some places to visit are Papyrus Memorial Library
and the Sunset Institute of Modern Art,
Pleasant Rest Graveyard, where you can actually interact with ghosts.
If there is a baby ghost and you have aging on the baby ghosts will grow up.
You can also get a job being a 'Grave Digger'

Day 5 Evening

The Sims Team showed us highlights of the week on big screens
so we got a chance to better see what other creators had been working on,
which was really interesting as creators from so many
different countries had different styles of creating.
We also got to watch the movies that the Machinema people
had been working on all week, that was great fun
and gave us all much needed laughs.

Then it was time for a little silliness, we were all given cookies and
cupcakes to decorate, the creativity I saw was just
unbelievable, mine was just SIMply embarrassing!

I did memorize the new cheats; and if you are all good little simmies
I will post them just as soon as the game is released :)

We at Creator's Camp told EA we hated not being able
to build our own town, one town not being enough.
On the last night there Ben Bell came out and told us
he will release a developers tool a few days after game release
and it will be available to download at the official site.
Developers tools have never been released to players in the past.

We will be posting more photos in the coming week.

It was truly amazing to spend a week meeting other creators
from around the world, to see how they work,
to hear how they feel about The Sims,
to actually put a face to the names of fellow creator's
I have admired for years was truly a fantastic adventure!

Look to these other sites who attended they may have more information;

Daily Sims
Eden Style
Holy Simoly
Simply Styling
The Sid Dog
World Sims
VRevis machinima

* If I have missed anyone who is posting about Creator's Camp
pleaselet us know and we will add their link.

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

Creator's Camp - Day 4

Build and Buy

We learned a lot more info about how the custom content works.
The game tools are actually very powerful, all of the items you see in the base game
are by the art team and content creators within EA.
The base meshes are imported to the game a default blue,
from what I understand.
As I do not create meshes that information was a bit confusing to me.
Some people have reported a way to change walls and floors,
I do not believe that is true.
Whenever I tried the 'Create a Style' on walls and floors
I had an error message saying it could not be done.
As of now there is no way to create new walls and floors,
a great concern to me as a wall and floor creator.
I'm hoping they will release a new program to allow this, or
more likely EA will leave that to some in community come up with.
We did ask EA to allow us to have the walls and floors
categorized by price, we will she if they listen.

"Create a Style" Tool

When editing furniture, build items, clothing, hair, accessories,
anything in the game that's customizable, you have the option to
either do color adjustments or simple pattern.
I wish I could post screen shots of this feature to show
but we were not allowed to do this.
Basically each channel can be changed independently.
After you have made a color and pattern from the base game choices
you can save them in your game for future use and
even share these styles with other players
either through the exchange or your own websites.

Roofs are now truly dynamic and with the roof height slider
you can make anything from flat roofs to tall spires instantly.

Stairs have changed a lot: no longer do you have modular
or internal stairways, they are now the same thing
and just behave differently depending on how you use them.
If you place a stairway inside a building between floors
it will look like an internal stairway, it will even box
in the area below it with walls and finish it with the paint
you already have in the room.
These can be removed if you want an open staircase.
You also have a width slider allowing you to place stairways
between 1 and 10 tiles instantly. Doors come in 3 sizes,
one, two and three tiles wide

Plants are rather limited I thought, but that was
probably because I am a plant downloading junkie,
when we are finally able to add CC to the game I'm sure it will be better.
Bushes come in different sizes randomly,
and are actually moving with the breeze, looks fantastic.

Lighting is very different as well. Internal and external lighting is lifelike.
You can leave the roof off an area of the house and unlike previous Sims games,
these will be recognized as outdoor.
Another great feature is the lights can be set
to many different colors to provide an ambient mood,
with the ability to set them to dim, bright or normal!

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

Creator's Camp - Day 3

There are a lot of improvements in TS3 for creating a Sim.
We see lot more in depth customization of the Sims anatomy,
there're sliders for everything giving lots of variations.
The size and shape sliders that add weight and muscle
to a Sim is fantastic behaving differently by gender.
The developers realized that men and women carry weight in different places.

I'm sure you've heard lots about the traits system,
The animators gave us a lot more variety of personalities,
I must say a lot more interesting Sims will be created.
You can choose to give a Sim between 1 and
5 traits so you don't have to assign them all.
If you want a Sim with a one track mind then just assign one trait.
If you assigning all traits it will generate a
deeper personality. Traits can be changed later in the game
with one of the buyable lifetime rewards.

Create A Sim with different traits
All in all there will be 80 traits. Each Trait will have a specific
manner in the way a Sim will act in a certain situation

Commitment Issues
Easily Bored
Good Sense of Humor
Green Thumbs
Hydrophobic br> Idealistic
Light Sleeper
Natural Cook
Outdoors (Loves)
Pizza Lover

Hair styles can be custom to each clothing category,
we won't have to wait for an EP to do that.
Styles can also change when using the shower,
so Sims with long hair can have it down while showering.
Hair can be made to have different color layers,
a base color, a roots color, a tips color and a highlights color.

All with sliders to change the shade of each layer.
Great news for facial details, it is on a whole new level.
Eyebrow colors are independent of hair, as is facial hair.
Eyelashes have a length slider which I just love.
Freckles and beauty marks can also be custom colors.
Makeup and face paint can be used in nearly
every combinations you can think of.
Shoes can be set to a different pair for any outfit,
really a fantastic improvement!

After you have finished creating your Sim you now
have an option to"Create a Twin"
or a copy, that will be useful in many ways and situations.

Sim life spans can be adjusted on a slider, the default being
a game of 95 days per Sim, but this can be anywhere between
25 and 1000, I really think we will like this slider.

Today I was interview by EA, which was rather interesting although
I am not comfortable in front of the cameras.
I much prefer to be behind the scenes.
Some bits may or may not end up in world wide commercials for TS3

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

Creator's Camp - Day 2

It is amazing how busy EA is keeping everyone,
our day starts with check-in at 9am and we don't leave the campus until 7:30pm
On day two everyone got to spend a lot more time in the game creating content; houses, clothes, Sims, and movies. We set up our new TS3 accounts and then I personally worked on making two
Sims and got a fair start on a house.
There was a slight glitch when the power in our computer room went out
(losing all work that was completed since last save) but resulted in an unplanned coffee break.
The high light for me was a tour of the sound studio
where a voice actress named Nikki was recording a session
in Simlish to be spoken by Sim children.
Nikki was just fantastic, watching her and listening
to her just made you feel happy all over.

It was a few minutes before I realized they do not alter her voice electronically,
she really talks and laughs like that in real life!
She couldn't be any and sweeter than she already is.
It was a rather strange feeling talking to a real life 'Sim'.

Edenstyle was brave and got to 'jam' with Nikki and lay some
sound recordings, she was really amazing,
give her a day to practice and she could do some voice overs for the game.

We learned from the audio team had to turn down Mariah Carey
for a Simlish track ' why ' you might ask,
well she he just didn't fit the University EP style!
Paul McCartney was invited to perform in Sims 3.
They're still awaiting his acceptance,
wouldn't that be great to have him in the game!
It turns out that many artists actually approach EA to be
in the game and are, contrary to popular belief,
not actually paid that much for their performance.
Some do it just because they like the game
or have friend who tell them it would be 'so cool' to be in The Sims.

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

Creator's Camp - Day 1

All the Creator's Camp attendees reported to EA
lobby for check in at 8:30 in the morning.
What a wonderful way to start the day,
meeting other custom content creators who's
work I have admired for a long time.
It was just so exciting to put a face and personality
to these wonderful people, truly an amazing feeling.

After we were all checked in and received our ID badges we were given
a tour of the EA campus, which is absolutely beautiful.

It is obvious that EA treats their employees very well indeed.
EA has their own Starbucks Coffee shop near the lobby,
a fully equipped work out room, an indoor basketball court,
tennis court, soccer field, a day care center,
the most interesting cafeteria I have ever seen.
Employees can even have the oil changed i their vehicle on the premises.
What I want to know is; how do I get a job there? ;)

We had several sessions of game demos, but we were required
to sign non-disclosure papers stating we would not report
on certain things prior to the games release date (sorry guys).
I will tell you everything I learn that we are allowed to publish.
We did get some hands on time in the game near the end of the day,
we will be spending more time in game as the week progresses.

Now on to the really important stuff.

* Build Mode

* We have all been wondering what the build mode will be like,
there are a lot of new features that everyone will absolutely love.
Although you can use the pre-made houses that come with the game
we will be able to build our own houses from scratch,
which is good news to all of us who like to build.

* If you want to buy a house instead of building one, there is a button
that lets you choose to buy it furnished or unfurnished.

* There is a tool that lets you enlarge or shrink your rooms or
whole house, when using this 'smart tool' the objects that
are on the walls and objects that are sitting
against the walls move out with them.
The wall paint and floor covering is filled in so
you don't even have to re-paint if you enlarge.
This tool also works on fencing. An absolutely fantastic tool!

* Sledge hammer tool has been enhanced, you can
now drag an area to delete multiple objects.

* Roofing will be a lot better as you can now use a slider to change
the hight on roofs with great ease, from very high to low.

* When placing objects against a diagonal wall
the object will snap into place perfectly.

* Slots (those squares you see in build mode) are now quartered
to make much better natural looking settings when you decorate.

* Slots on surfaces have also been quartered so you can place
many more items on them to give you that 'just right look'.

* There are some really awesome new features to the terrain tool.
There are several different softness/harness brushes
as well as a new square brush
that will be great for things like sidewalks or paths.

* We can use paint and floor files to coat our pools.
Sims no longer need ladders to get in and out of the pool.

* Bushes spawn in different sizes and trees and plants sway in the wind.

* There has been a lot of concern voiced over the 'open neighborhood' feature
that allows time to pass in households you are not actually playing.
Good news, there is a control that lets you turn that off.

* Aging; You can choose to have normal life span
or extend the 'normal' lifespan to 1,000 Sim days or
turn aging off completely without using cheats.

Check back for more news as the week progresses - Happy Simming!

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

Starting January 12th 2009, custom content creators
and webmasters from around the world will be gathering in Redwood City
to participate in the exclusive Creator's Camp for The Sims 3
at The Sims Label to partake in a week long event with The Sims Team
creating custom content to pre-populate The Sims 3 Exchange.
SIMcredible along with other fan sites are already gathered
and ready to start creating first thing Monday morning.
I have been the 'Luck Star' that was chosen to go and represent SIMcredible at the event,
do I even need to mention how exciting this is for me?

We'll be posting info & pics as the Creator's Camp continues all this week.

SIMcredible's Painter AKA ~Roxanne

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