>>> Reviewed & changed in January 18th 2006

Recolor of our FREE objects are allowed
under following conditions:

Provide link back to SIMcredible with credit at your site's Downloads page

You must be a FREE site

You are not allowed to offer SIMcredible! objects bases if you intend to                   create a donation set or if you are a pay site

You CAN'T recolor our Skins nor use parts of it to make your skins such as
                  parts of clothing, shoes, jewelry...

You don't need to ask permission, just give us credit and a link back to
                  www.simcredibledesigns.com     The link must be visible, sure ... ;)


Since you are allowed (and welcome :D) to recolor our free objects. Your visitors will need our meshes to have your recolors appearing in the game, so, you will have to place a link to us at your site telling your visitors to get the meshes they will need here, at SIMcredible.
You are NOT allowed to direct point / hotlink our meshes or even host / redistribute / upload them.
The only legal way your visitors have to get our meshes is downloading from SIMcredible! designs.com


Please DO NOT include our custom content ( our downloads, objects, skins, meshes, recolors, walls n´floors... ) in your lots if you are a lot/house builder.
This apllies to all stuff we offer. You are not allowed to re-distribute our downloads with your lots/houses. Once again, the only way to get our downloads is directly from our site.
If you are not able to enter our pages, please report it at our forum


This site works with Google's advertising and Google uses cookies to serve adds for this website. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet.


Please don't hotlink our stuff such as graphics, pics, meshes, packages, rar & zips.   This is ilegal and you are not allowed to point directly to our files/graphics/photos/3Ds. We thank all hard work behind finds/Upadates websites but, we ask please to the finds webmasters to save the pic to be shown at their own PC and upload it at their own server :)


You're free to show our work in your screenshots but never offer our stuff
( ZIP/RAR/PACKAGE files ) as yours and please do not upload or redistribute them in any website/forum/FTP/server/archive/e-group.

there're lots of effort and hard work behind any and all
pieces we offer!   Thank you for playing fair :)

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