[ [ :: About Our Downloads :: ] ]

Double click in the zip/rar to descompress the files.
You'll get the Package files and read me from us.
Place objects, skins, walls and floors on the following path:

"C:\Documents and Settings\**Your computer**\
My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads"

If you don't have a Downloads folder you can create one.
You can put objects at subfolders within your Downloads folder
but you CAN'T do this for skins.
Skins must be at Downloads folder


CEP means Color Enabled Package and it's used to "allow" most of Maxis
game pieces that originally cannot be clonable and recolourable
to be clonable and recolourable.
Recolors based on CEP only will work with CEP installed
and it's because the CEP is required. CEP can be downloaded here.
Thanks Numenor, Quaxi and RGiles:)


If they are looking worst it's probably because your game settings
are running under less quality graphics.
Our TS2 skins are made with bump maps,
which gives a great increase in the clothe's final look
but to take advantage of bump map feature, you'll need to manually set
your game's graphical options adjusting them to higher configuration.
Even if you actually play with game's config at high and bumps are not showing maybe your graphics card does not support Bump Maps
( that's what makes all difference when working with skins )
please read this post at Mod The sims2 forum.
It's a great source to enable bump maps to graphics cards
that aren't displaying bumps correctly


OK I know that's not a good advice....
but if you're having crashes, just delete the object.
Many reasons can cause a game crash, since object ID conflict
until the lack of the required expansion pack to that object...
So, it's trully important you make sure to have
the right exp pack to run the sets we offer

[ [ :: About Our Policy :: ] ] ______________________________

No, you must redistribute your own work, not ours.
You can use our FREE object bases to make a recolor/retexture
but never offer our files, our work as yours.
Redistribution of our original files is not allowed!


Sorry but no...
You are not allowed to re-distribute our downloads with your lots/houses.
The only way to get our downloads is directly from our site.


Cloning our TS2 content is not allowed, since we don't offer bases
But you are more than welcome to recolor/retexture our stuff.
Don't forget to provide a link back as credit to simcredibledesigns.com


No... you should make yours and show us your talent!

[ [ :: Zip / Rar Problems :: ] ] ______________________________

Rar Files are similar to zips.
Just another program/format to compress files with a good compression.
You can download WinRar here to open Rar Files.
It's a Free trial version.


All SIMcredible zips & rar files are fully tested when we upload them to our server.
so,we can guarantee that all zips/rar we offer aren't corrupted or empty.
What happens is that sometimes you try to donwload
in a busy time where many people are downloading too,
Other reason to cause this is use slow web connections.
To prevent this ,try to download the file in different times,
to avoid much traffic in the pages.

[ [ :: General Questions :: ] ] ______________________________

To be honest, no. However, you are free to express
your opinion at our Facebook or forum.
Anyway there's no guarantee that we will take note. Sorry...


Sorry... we don't know. All our objects have been tested and work fine in our pcs.
None of SIMcredible! staff member has a Mac; so...
we don't have how to say the behaviour of our creations in Mac's...

[ [ :: Supporting This Site :: ] ] ______________________________

First thanks for your interest in support our site :)
To solve all donation related questions,
we created a mini FAQ targeted to PayPal / donation.
Please go here .


SIMcredible! doesn't work with downloads page or link page.
You will be receiving your files through e-mail
( the same e-mail you use for your PayPal account. )
So it's quite important to keep your e-mail at PayPal updated ;)

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