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SIMcredible was created on a Thursday, 2nd October 2003
by 4 brazilian friends.
At that time we were already convinced about how much funny create is
...sometimes much more than play the game

Learning with kind and helpful people on the Community,
we started to create on August 2003 The Glacier Marrom Glace
sharing them at Neighborhood 99 Forum

The support from friends at N99's made us strong enough
to keep creating and so...SIMcredible! Designs was born :D

A year later, SIMcredible! celebrated the1st year online
with a special Calendar offeringdaily goodies
during the whole October month of 2004

On 27 August 2005, SIMcredible launched sims 2 content
mostly with skins and genetics since the team needed a time to learn
3D and the basics of objects creation for sims 2

The first furniture set for sims2 finally came on 18 th January 2006 _ Party On!
celebrating The sims 2 furniture Opening :D

A year later, November 15th 2007, SIMcredible! was spotlighted
@ EA Games sims 2 Official site featuring an Interview with us.
This was the best moment for all the SIMc staff :)

This year SIMcredible celebrates 5 years online and well...
We ask God to allow us to provide more & more goodies for more & more Years online!!!

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